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September 23, 2011

TM lost RM3.4m in cable theft in Kelantan

KOTA BAHARU, Sept 22 — TM lost RM3.4 million in Kelantan from cable theft in 2011, said KelantanTelekom Malaysia Bhd general manager Ab Rashid Che Othman.

Last year is was 4.3 million, but the figures released are only up to August, Bernama Online reported.
There were 839 cases of theft up to last month for 2011, which augurs unwell as there were only 948 cases for all of last year.
He was speaking at the company’s state Aidilfitri celebration today.
The thefts disrupted service to 26,979 phone and Internet lines.
In terms of regional breakdown, Kota Baharu district was highest with 265 cases, followed by 178 in Pasir Mas.
The rest being,
Tumpat (91), Bachok (71), Gua Musang (69), Tanah Merah (58), Pasir Puteh (34), Machang (34), Jeli (30) and Kuala Krai (nine).

Credit:Sempoi Gile

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